Simply Fitness & Spa Day


Experience the ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day’

Discover a unique blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with our ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day’ package. This spa experience is designed to offer you the freedom to tailor your day to your specific desires, allowing you to unwind, revitalize, and indulge as you see fit.

I. Tailor Your Day as You Wish:

The ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day’ is all about personalisation. Begin your day by accessing our exclusive Fire & Ice and Rainforest Spa facilities, featuring invigorating contrasts of hot and cold, including saunas and ice caves. Dive into our fully equipped gym facilities or participate in exercise classes tailored to your fitness level. It’s your choice how you wish to start your journey to wellness.

II. Add Treatments to Suit Your Needs:

Tailor your day even further by adding various spa treatments to meet your specific requirements. Choose from a menu of pampering options, including massages, facials, and more, allowing you to create a spa experience that is uniquely yours. Our skilled therapists are here to provide the perfect treatments to complement your day of relaxation.

III. Afternoon Tea Delight:

To complete your ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day,’ savour a delightful afternoon tea in our serene surroundings. Enjoy freshly baked scones, delicate finger sandwiches, and an array of cakes, all complemented by your choice of tea or coffee. This culinary experience adds an extra layer of indulgence to your day.

IV. Benefits Beyond the Spa:

The ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day’ offers more than just relaxation; it provides a complete wellness experience. Whether you’re looking to focus on fitness, pamper yourself with treatments, or simply unwind, this package allows you to tailor your day to your needs.

V. Ideal for Any Occasion:

The ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day’ is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, planning a wellness day with a partner, or seeking some well-deserved “me-time,” this package ensures you get exactly what you need.

Rediscover the joy of personalisation and immerse yourself in a day designed to meet your every desire with the ‘Simply Fitness & Spa Day.’ Book your tailor-made wellness experience now and embrace the freedom to create your perfect day of relaxation and well-being.

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